What is your approach to couture?
The couture is an art… you create what you feel, what you saw in your mind. Every picture is created by your hands.

What is your influence for this season?
In my opinion, we are atoms (small points) living on earth, waking up with light, shining more and more with sun rising and recede as night fall and the moon taking sun’s place. And this was the idea that influenced me for this season. Starting from the "small points" ( The atom), growing up to be a "circle" and retract to a new "point".

What role does couture play in the modern-day fashion industry?
Simplicity in the couture made beauty when it comes to focus on extravagance and elegance.

How hard is it for smaller houses to make a mark and how do you do that?
Despite the rules (number of employee, having an atelier, new collection every year… etc)
Technically it is very hard. But with the WILL everyone could make his own mark. The difficulties are vanished during the evolution of the creativity.

Any special materials, techniques you use in this collection?
Usually I use transparent and straight cuts on the chest, Petals and Lace patterns laser married with abstract forms to create a rich visual look, focusing on different forms of sleeves with a fine sewing work applied on embroidery infinitely elegant and well designed.

Overall direction?
I have a lot to do in the future many ideas as prêt-à-porter and perfume … and let some of them surprise the woman.
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