The New Princess of Haute-Couture!

This young emerging Lebanese designer, provides the world of Haute-Couture with collections that symbolize luxury in it’s purest form, perfectionism, class, style, and elegance.

The talented Charlotte Licha, who is behind the ‘point’ collection showcased for the first time during Paris Haute-Couture week. The press unites with the idea that she made a strong couture debut in the luxurious Louis XVI-styled ballroom of the Shangri-La Hotel.

Here is the Q&A we conducted with this determined young woman from whom we expect many surprises to come…

Q: Tell us about your early years and studies
A: I was born and raised in Beirut, in a family that helped me cultivate an artistic taste since my childhood. When I was 12, I started sketching my first dresses. Since that time my small world started to be created.

Q: How did you realize that you wanted to go into fashion designing and how did you get there?
A: I used to draw at a really young age, four years to be exact, which helped me a lot and inspired me to create. After gaining a diploma in Fashion Design, Pattern-Making and Fashion Marketing when I was 19, I continued with studies in photography which made me hungry for fashion and gifted with an eye for beauty.

Q: How would you describe your first collection in PFW and why did you call it ‘Point’, does it have a specific reference to you?
A: I’ve done my first collection and I will let the press comment on it.
As for the name of the collection: In my opinion, we are atoms (small points) living on earth, waking up to light, shining more and more with the sun rising, and receding as night falls and the moon takes the sun’s place. And this was the idea that influenced me for this season. Starting from the 'small points' (The atom), growing up to be a 'circle' and retracting to a new 'point'.

Q: Can you describe in few words the woman that you address through your designs?
A: Every woman must dare to be different, and represent the feeling of life.

Q: Would you continue showing only Haute Couture or would you also like to keep/create a Ready-to-Wear design line?
A: I might create Ready-to-wear design line but for the moment I am concentrating only on Haute-Couture.

Q: Which fashion market is the most interesting to you? (Asian, Middle-East, Western or …)?
A: My creations are made to please all tastes, and my target is that my dresses reach every woman all over the world. Each fashion market has its own signature.

Q: Do you have a personal motto that relates well with the work you do?
A: 'No matter who you are, wear what suits you and act like a lady.'

Q: And one last question, what are your aspirations, where do you see yourself in future?
A: I have a lot to do in the future. Many ideas such as Ready-to-wear and signature perfume… Let some of them surprise you!
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